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Sharmini Fernando

2020 started as any other with the hope of a brand new start and great things to come. It ended with new insights, new vision and a fresh appreciation for life.

2nd June 2020 changed everything. 3rd June was almost tragic. 4th June and my life was hanging by a thread. My family structure was in threat of being changed. And I fought – for my girls and for my husband. I fought not even knowing that I was fighting for my life.

Recovery is a long road with rehab most days in the week – physiotherapy, psychological counselling, infectious diseases follow-up, speech pathology for swallowing and choking issues, and ENT follow-up. Lack of condition of my muscles reignited my bad back issues – to the point of it almost being debilitating.

Reality brings us to a different place.
I experienced what it was like to be challenged with health; to be challenged to just do what you would normally take for granted.

And, I realised I was not the only one – there were many around us who live with challenge – to different degrees.

With Minis Craft I wanted a platform for the challenged, to have a voice; to have someone shouting out for them, giving them a way to reach the wider community, and to give them a way to earn a little income and run their own Mini business. My way of looking out for someone else, and to give back for all the good that has come in my life.

My husband has been working with me tirelessly on setting up Minis Craft.

So, here is our website.

To you – the wider community – welcome to seeing the world through our eyes.
To you living with challenge – come on board and share the platform. Email us: hello@miniscraft.com.au.

Keep well all!

Sharmini x