We provide opportunity to those who have artistic talent but face a life challenge.

We do hope to make the beautiful artworks created by the talent artists available to as wide as an audience as possible. This is why we don’t just stick to wall prints. We believe that we should live in art. It will give us a greater sense of life satisfaction. It is the main reason why we decided to make the artworks also available for household items.

Customers and Visitors

We work to have the visitors and customers of Minis Craft to have a great experience


Working closely with talent artists to ensure it is a mutually beneficial relationship


We do our best to support talent artists to participate in Minis Craft


We make working arrangements with talent artists clear before onboarding to Minis Craft

Our Way

Minis Craft is only as good as the quality of the artwork produced by talent artists. We share the proceeds from the sale of the prints with them.

Happines About Us

Working Together

To achieve

1. Art for Everyone

We hope to have our artworks and designs not only appreciated. But used.

2. Great Artwork

To produce great artwork that reflects the experiences of the talents. But each beautiful in its own way.

3. Talent Growth

To progressively increase the pool of talent artists and to better those already on Minis Craft.