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Throw Blankets

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Throw Cushions

All Over Print Basic Pillow 18X18 Front Lifestyle 3 604744B045F80


Sublimated Towel White 30X60 Beach 605C59C3Dd0F6

Wall Prints

Framed Prints with Mat

Here’s “Ocean Waves at Phuket. We have more designs – have a look see!

Ocean Waves Frame With Mat 1

Wall Art – Canvas Prints

Here’s “Evergreen”.  We have more designs! See them all!

Deep In Our Imagination Lives This Stylised Bug With Legs, And A Fancy Shell Of Blue With Japanese Styled Patters On It. It Rests On A Stylised Tree Bark Of Brown Mist. The Image Links To Products The Desing Can Be Customised On: Wall Print, Blanket, Throw Cushion, Laptop Sleeve

Framed Prints

Here’s “Lemon Blue” .. Have a look at our other designs for your wall!


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This Is A Picture Of Sharmini, Creator Of Minis Craft. She Has Gentle Eyes And A Quiet Smile. Sharmini Has Tanned Skin And Dark Hair And Is Of Indian/Sri Lankan Ancestry. She Has A Choker Of A Gold Orchid Representing The Country She Was Born In - Singapore.